Benefits of International School Trips

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Everyone remembers a school trip they once had when they were young. They are so fun! A lot of international schools of Bangkok give their learners an opportunity to travel around the world for education trips.

But how does an international trip benefit a child? St. Martin’s Day school recommends international trips for learners because of the following benefits.

Improves a child’s confidence

When a child is given the chance to travel, a whole new world opens up to them. They experience a foreign culture and have an opportunity to loosen up about so many things such as food, religion, and making friends. This helps a child to become more self-confident, independent and improves self-esteem. Such confidence will help your child in future and also prepare them when applying for college admission and jobs.

Makes them critical thinkers

A critical thinker thinks clearly and rationally, grasping the connection between ideas. Critical thinking calls for a logical connection between ideas. A critical thinker must use their ability to reason. 

International school trips expose the learner to real learning situations where they are able to think on their own and make reasonable decisions. 

Reinforces what is taught in the classroom

By visiting landmarks or museums, the learning is exposed to a real life learning situation.  Those difficult concepts that were hard to understand while being taught in class become clearer because the learner is experiencing what was taught. 

Knowledge retention

When learning is out of the classroom, learners are actively participating on what they are being taught. Your child is able to see and sometimes touch what they teachers have been teaching them. Such an experience is forever etched in the leaners mind and they will retain the knowledge longer. 

Better cultural appreciation

International school travels encourage students to explore and appreciate other people’s cultures. Pupils are able to learn about food, customs, language and other aspects of a different culture.  These helps them to build better relationships and learn to embrace people from other cultures. In the dynamic world we are in, these are crucial skills.


International school trips provide learners with important life lessons that they will carry with them all through their lives. 

If you are looking for an international school of Bangkok, KIS is one of the best answers that you are looking for. 

KIS, considered one of the top international schools in Bangkok, is a collaborative community of over 800 students and 55 nationalities, offering education in the Early Years, Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School. Its dedicated teachers and supportive parents work together to attain student success. The school has an academically challenging international curriculum and a well-rounded programme of sports, creativity and community service. We provide all our students, from the youngest children stepping into a classroom for the first time, to our graduates heading off to university, with the tools to become life-long learners and successful and responsible global citizens.