Principles of sending your child to an international school in Bangkok

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  • ภาษาไทย

International schools are schools that provide education with a foreign curriculum. International schools in Bangkok offer both an American curriculum and a British curriculum, allowing parents to choose what kind of education their children want to study. International schools emphasize communication in English. These are the factors that must be considered when considering whether or not you should send your children to an international school.


In deciding to send parents' children to international schools, what principles must be taken into consideration?

1. International School Bangkok serves as a hub for students from all over the world. It is international in nature, with communication within the school being primarily in English and some students from other countries speaking their native language. Parents must ensure that their children are able to get along with their peers. The child's personality must be one that can adapt to new environments. Otherwise, the child may be uncomfortable and unable to study with others.

2. Parents must believe in and see the value in using English in their studies and communication in the future. These ideas can be passed on to his children and grandchildren. This will allow their children to receive a good attitude towards English from their parents. When they have to use English in studying, they will not be forced or uncomfortable and will be able to learn fully.

3. Parents must really see the importance of studying at an international school for their children's future because tuition and study expenses are quite high.

4. Your children should have a basic foundation in speaking, listening, writing, and reading English and must have a basic foundation in Thai. They should be ready to learn. If they have the basics of using and communicating in English, we will learn faster and more efficiently.

5. Parents, make sure your child is tolerant and comfortable using the English language.

6. Because International School Bangkok is international, parents must accept and understand that your children may absorb Western culture and values because they will study with foreign teachers and have foreign classmates from many countries


In addition to the factors mentioned above, before sending your children to study at any International School Bangkok, you should first check to make sure that it is a school that has certified standards in both teaching and an environment suitable for students to study.