Why Parents Should Practice Mindfulness Meditation With Their Children

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Finding time to spend with your kids is almost impossible in such a busy world. Your mind and thoughts are always scattered, leaving you and your loved ones overwhelmed and tired. 

The truth is that many parents no longer take time to sit down and connect with their children after a long day. However, spending as little as 15 minutes daily to practice mindfulness meditation with your children can make a significant difference.

In this guide, St. Martin’s Day School discusses the benefits of meditating with your children.

Helps Your Child Develop Vital Skills
Practicing mindfulness meditation with your child is an effective way to help them develop vital social and life skills. When you practice mindfulness with your children, they will learn to appreciate the present moment without judgment. Not only that, but they will also learn how to control their emotions. Furthermore, research has linked child-parent meditation to other vital benefits such as:

•    Improving creativity
•    Boosting working memory
•    Regulating emotions
•    Fighting depression and anxiety
•    Reducing reactivity

Fosters a Strong Relationship
Another reason parents should practice mindfulness with their children is because it leads to solid relationships. Studies show that children and parents who practice mindfulness meditation together often have stronger relationships.
Mindfulness adds joy and improves communication between parents and their children. It also prevents or lowers disagreements and resentment. Through mindfulness, your child will learn to trust their abilities and those around them. 

Mindfulness Improves General Well-Being
A family that practices mindfulness together becomes stronger every day. You release feel-good hormones like oxytocin when you practice mindfulness with your child. These hormones not only improve parent-infant bonding but also enhances wellness. Think of meditation as a relaxing massage for you and your bundle of joy. 

Final Thoughts
Although our lives continue becoming busier by the day, we should always strive to spend time with our loved ones. Practicing mindfulness meditation with your kids brings several benefits. It not only helps you to bond with your child, but it can also enhance general well-being. Furthermore, meditating with your child can help them develop vital social and creative skills.